What’s it like to be a co-op at Patientco?

By James Leopold, Software Developer Co-op

I learned more this summer than in any college class I have taken.


Hi! My name is James and I am a software developer in a co-op position at Patientco. I am currently a junior at Georgia Tech, studying Computer Science.  My semester spent at Patientco has been an invaluable experience to enhance and further my knowledge of programming and software engineering. Co-ops here don’t do busy work and fetch coffee — I worked on many major projects that have a large impact on our business, including changes to our live production site. This means that thousands of users get to see and experience my work every day!

During my semester at Patientco, I can say with absolute confidence that I learned more this summer than in any college class I have taken. The software engineering focus of the business helped push me to learn new technologies such as Git, PHP, and MySQL, which I had never learned in any college classes. I was a bit intimidated at first, but I wasn’t expected to know everything Day One.  Instead of being left on my own, the other software developers on the team supported and helped me along the way. They taught me new technologies as well as tips and tricks from years of experience.

The programming I was doing was vital to the business, which may make you think that I sat each day in a pressure cooker of tension and stress. However, the workplace itself is anything but. We feel that you do your best work with you are relaxed and comfortable. For some people, that means toe shoes and nerf guns. For me, nothing beats sitting at your desk, listening to some tunes, and snacking on some complimentary Oreos.

There is no shortage of fun at Patientco. During the semester, I participated in a company field trip to Houston Medical Center (one of our clients) and I was able to see our product in use at the hospital. I was able to learn how both patients and the providers interacted with the software, and how the product that I worked on impacts people in such a beneficial way. In addition to the field trip, the whole company took a trip to the Chattooga River for some whitewater rafting. We spent a whole Monday floating down the river, falling in rapids, and just having fun!  Activities like this make Patientco feel like a family and help me develop better relationships with my coworkers.

All in all, being a co-op at Patientco is a fantastic experience. Not only did I learn more about software engineering in one semester than I did in a couple years at school, but I had a blast along the way.