What do I love about my job?

By Louise Cherry Barber

Here at Patientco, ensuring we have a culture where people are respected, heard, growing, and rewarded is core to our organization.  How do we know if we are hitting the mark? We use an awesome tool called, TINYPulse.

TINYPulse is a company focused on understanding your company’s happiness.  They look at employee engagement as all of the components in your work life that affect your happiness.  They suggest you should ask your employees a question related to that every week.  How happy are you?  Would refer someone to work for this company? Do you feel respected at work?  Here at Patientco, we ask TINYPulse questions every other week.

We recently asked the question via TINYPulse, “What do you love about your job?”  What an awesome question to ask! Sitting for a minute and focusing your mind on what do I really love about my job can be a powerful moment.  Of course, it can be scary if you have think too long.

As the VP, Culture and Experience who spends my time focused on the intentional aspects of the Patientco culture, I think about this question every single day.  I love so much about our organization.

However, the people are core to what I love.  The people who make the organization what it is really is today.  I was not alone in that sentiment.  Here were some of the responses that make me love my job:

“Contributing to the company mission and working with my peers.”

“I’m given the freedom to be autonomous without feeling like I’m in over my head. The work is challenging and interesting. The people are some of the best I’ve ever worked with. Company trips and outings are always a good time.”

“I love to be able to solve problems and give users a positive experience, but it’s the people here that really makes coming in every day worth it.”

“For years I’ve watched companies that I admire for their excellence, drive, innovation, and success.  Building and growing our team and product to join their elite level, while frequently exhausting and frustrating, is what keeps me going at it.”

“Smart peers. Autonomy. Freedom to make decisions. Surrounded by people that care about me and our clients.”

This is just a sampling of the the comments but it all they tie back to the people that make up our team.  Being around people who inspire you, who make you feel like you are part of team, who make you feel heard, and who challenge you is central to what makes a great organization.

One of our core values is “Improve Each and Every Day.”  One of our awesome Patientcoians (Jonathan Loesch!) wanted to have a team event that brought that to life.  He bought a puzzle and put it in our lobby, giving everyone a chance to walk by and put a few pieces together every day.  Making it better every day, and bringing to life that that together, in our own ways, we can build beautiful things.

This is what I love about my job.

PS- Cailey, Thank you for everything you have done for Patientco and Patientcolife.  This puzzle is for you (and Kristen and Trent, they completed it!)

2000 Pieces- 50 people

Jonathan Loesch