What Core Values Mean (David Cummings at Town Hall)

Town Hall. Not just your place for city councilmen and surly town folk. Here at Patientco we use Town Halls to bring our core values to life. Namely two, ‘Improve Each Day’ and ‘Give Back’ because, what would a company be without its employees learning and growing?

This is how it goes down: Our CEO, Bird Blitch, recruits influential, successful people from not only our industry, healthcare technology, but also from the broader business world to speak to our team about their experiences and lessons learned. We’ve had the opportunity to ask questions of people like: Dr. Stephen Thomas, Vice President of DeKalb Physicians Group, Peter Swire, the ‘Godfather of HIPPA’, Greg Foster, a serial entrepreneur, Jeff Fusile, President of BCBS GA, and David Cummings, serial entrepreneur and founder of Atlanta Tech Village, and many more!

Most recently, our town hall speaker was David Cummings. A titan in his own respect, David has lived and thrived on the entrepreneurial footpath, always aiming to create something that gives back. He shared with us how his philosophy is a conglomeration of the thoughts of many who have come before him and though his entrepreneurial success precludes the book, he’s taken to reading Tools of Titans and teases his own habits of success on his daily blog.

Pardot, one of his more notable successes, is  a company he co-founded on March 1, 2007. Today, Pardot is better known (now) as an integration of that helps streamline sales and marketing campaigns.  One of the key elements of Pardot’s success was David’s focus on company culture from the beginning.  In 2013, the Atlanta Journal Constitution announced Pardot won the coveted title of, ‘Best Places to Work’. The AJC ran a piece outlining all the great perks that contributed to it winning, but David noticed the article was missing a crucial element:

“I realized the author missed the reason we became the BPTW is because we had the most aligned core values: People who are positive, self-starting, and supportive. ‘Being the best place to work and also be a customer,’ ” David said.  “We hold these two as the pinnacles for every decision we make- it makes our daily decisions more clear.”

After selling Pardot for a substantial amount in 2013, David found his next ‘Aha!’ moment while staring at the Pardot Best Places to Work billboard in Midtown Atlanta.

“I needed to find something of more significance and give back. I knew what I wanted to do. I told my wife, I’m going to buy the biggest building I can find and make it a place for entrepreneurs to succeed.”

That moment became the 103,000 sq.ft. ATV, on the corner of Piedmont and Lenox Road. True to his belief in core values, ATV has them on the home page. “Pay It Forward. Be Nice, Work Hard. Play Hard. Dream Big.”  The core values establish the foundation for a solid, company culture at ATV. Not too dissimilar from the culture we have at Patientco.

Our CEO, Bird Blitch works tirelessly to bolster our our company culture, leading by creating Patientco’s own set of core values:  

  • Be Driven to Win
  • Openly Trust One Another
  • Embrace Responsibility
  • Improve Each and Every Day
  • Focus on Compliance
  • Make it Memorable
  • Give Back

In Bird’s own words: “I have taken David’s advice on many occasions and agree that our biggest competitive advantage at Patientco can be our culture. Building a strong culture where people are solving challenging problems, while enjoying it along the way is a hard thing to do but we are committed to being just that.”


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