The Football

Steve Young is a former NFL player who was originally drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but most notably from the San Francisco 49ers and their Glory Years. He also has his number retired from his days tossing the pigskin as the QB at BYU. (Oh, fun fact, did you know his great-great-great-grandfather is Brigham Young, as in the guy who founded Brigham Young University?) Anyhow, Steve was named the NFL MVP for both 1992 and 1994. At the time of his retirement, he had the highest passer rating among NFL quarterbacks. But he was known for his running, and by that, we mean he is one of the greatest running QBs ever in the NFL. Basically, this guy was good.

So, what does this have to do with Patientco? Don’t worry, there’s a connection here.

After his retirement from football, Steve went on to focus on private equity. He is currently a managing partner at HGGC, LLC, otherwise known as Hunt Gay. That firm is one of the investors in the Sandbox Industries funds. Sandbox then invested in Patientco. So, indirectly, Steve Young invested in Patientco. See?! Connection!

Now back to the story. Patientco’s CEO, Bird Blitch, went to a Falcons vs. Broncos NFL game one day with some folks from Sandbox. While there, Steve signed a football for us. (Another connection!) Since Steve is always “throwing in the endzone” or “in the zone” in the last minutes of a game, Bird thought that the football would be a good symbol for Patientco. When we do great work, we’re “in the zone.”

Today the football is a symbol of going above and beyond for Patientco. Every Monday, the football is handed off to an individual who contributed greatly during the previous week. That person then leads everyone in our “In the Zone!” cheer to start off the week.

Are you “In the Zone?”


Monday morning all-company stand-up: In...the...ZONE!

Monday morning all-company stand-up: In…the…ZONE!