The Birdies

In February 23, 2018, Patientco held its first annual Birdies event. The Birdies are a spin-off of The Dundies which is featured in the show, The Office. In contrast to The Dundies, The Birdies are an award ceremony focusing on our core values, where team members who have gone above and beyond in exemplifying our core values are recognized. In 2017, “Make it Memorable” was one of the values that the company focused on heavily, so in Patientco fashion we decided to hold The Birdies and thankfully no one was banned from Chili’s due to this event. It was a fun way to highlight our values and celebrate how Patientcoians live them. Rebekah Baer, one of the members of the Values Committee, said, The Birdies “celebrate our most important asset… our people.” It is important for Patientco to appreciate our team members who incorporate our values into their everyday lives.

The Event

Chris Jayne, Director of Account Management, emceed the event.  And what an EVENT! Our values are VIP so we made sure everyone got the VIP treatment. Red Carpet?  HA – we did even better! – We brought a green carpet into the office and set up a mural of paparazzi. There was a way for your picture to be captured, too. Free Friday Lunch that Friday was themed, we catered various entrees from Chili’s, heavy on the appetizers of course, because The Dundies were held in a Chili’s. Dress code at The Birdies was Patientco’s Finest. People interpreted the dress code as they saw fit, and many showed up to the event wearing all green (our main company color). One of our founders, Bird Blitch, even wore a green tuxedo to the event.

The event was bird themed, obviously, and had a penguin pinata.  The golden trophies were bird themed (although Bird Blitch continues to say he is not affiliated with the name of the award ceremony) and a true hallmark of those who live our values. Not only did the list of awards for The Birdies include awards for all seven Patientco Core Values, there were other cultural things to call out too!  There was Best Picture, In the Zone Moment, and by far the most important – Most likely to Run Late to a Meeting. We won’t say who won that award but there were some honorable mention shout outs to Sean Joyce and Mike Hersh. In addition to Chris Jayne as our “host”- we had presenters who had to keep us all engaged throughout the ceremony. Christine Tynan, Matt Simoneau and Chris Church presented these awards and kept us laughing and on our toes. Not only were The Birdies a fun and exciting Friday in dreary February, but the event allowed us to give credit to Patientcoians who deserved it. If you want to join the Patientco team, we hope you are already thinking about the award you want to win during this upcoming Birdies in 2019!