Roll for Rob

We at Patientco are on a mission to #BeatPatientDebt, one payment at a time. We’re crusading on a number of different fronts, including giving healthcare providers the tools necessary to effectively communicate with their patients and enabling patients to make payments through the method most convenient for them. At trade shows, we have been teaming up with others in the industry to contribute $25 to our Beat Patient Debt fund for every person who visits the Patientco booth.

All of this money goes to helping out patients in need. These are the patients who have more medical bills than they could ever pay, from an unfortunate situation that is no fault of their own. They want to pay. They really, really do. They just can’t. So they faithfully pay what they can, when they can, making every effort to make good on their debt.

We want to help that patient.

In this spirit, we decided to help out someone close to the Patientco team. One of our software developers, Sean Roberts, is an avid skateboarder. (He’s the guy from 0:16-0:44.) He suggested that we contribute to the Roll for Rob effort. Sean sent an email to the team, copied below:


Hey all,

As part of #BeatPatientDebt, the Patientco team has made a donation to help the Roll for Rob benefit. Rob Pontes is a east coast skateboarder and a huge contributor to the east coast skateboarding scene. He’s worked with many skate shops and parks, up and down the east coast, to help keep the scene thriving for the past 15+ years. He is also a husband and father of two young daughters.

Recently Rob was diagnosed with ALS and is undergoing treatments to beat it. Later this year he will be going to Mass General for a Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics ALS trial program. And as you can imagine, his treatments come with a huge amount of expenses and debt.

REAL skateboards is putting together a lot of benefits and products to help Rob. At Patientco, to help Rob and his family beat this debt, we are spreading the word about these benefits and grabbed ourselves a Roll For Rob skateboard for the office.

To read more about Rob‘s story, check out or

You can personally donate by getting a Roll for Rob products (I bought a board for my house!) on or by contributing to the gofundme at

One of the skate benefits was a few weeks back in Boston and here is the video from that:

If you want to show your support, come sign the board when you get a free moment. I am going to place the board on the counter outside of the “Board” room (the area where we sign everything else)

On a side note, I wanted to mention, it makes me very proud that the company I work for helps out in meaningful ways like this. It’s important to me and I’m glad it’s important for Patientco.

Have a good day,
-Sean Roberts

We’re proud to support deserving individuals like Rob as part of our efforts to #BeatPatientDebt. Every little bit counts.