Patientco is proud to present TAG’s Product Manager of the Year 2017

A note on our Employee Spotlights

Our fellow Patientcoians are some of the most interesting people around. Patientcoians hail from all areas of industry — and with talents ranging from unicycling to cooking, it’s never dull around here. In an effort to showcase some of the non-work-related abilities of our peers, our Employee Spotlight series lets you meet some of the people who make Patientco such a great place to work.   Jason Kuo was recently named TAG’s (Technology Association of Georgia) Product Manager of the Year.  The Product Manager of the Year award is to celebrate outstanding work in the Product Management field.  We are so excited about his award that we wanted him to share a little bit more about himself with us.

Name: Jason Kuo

When did you join Patientco? November 2016

Describe your role at Patientco?   I am a Product Manager.My role involves developing a deep understanding of not only the market and industry as a whole but also our customers and end users and the respective healthcare organizations that they belong to. Product Managers synthesize information from different parts of the business, current and prospective customers, as well as external industry information in order to prioritize ideas and execute on shipping product.  In terms of execution, a big part of my role also involves translating that knowledge into new products and features and working with every part of the Patientco organization to help bring those products/features to market.

So, what’s your story?    I went to school at Carnegie Mellon and following graduation I spent about 8 years in Washington, DC.  The first half of that time I was in consulting with Deloitte and Booz Allen;  after that I moved to a  smaller consulting organization.  I made a career decision that I wanted to move into small enterprise, with a focus on healthcare IT.  That decision eventually brought me to KitCheck where I spent 2 years as a Technical Product Manager.  Kitcheck is a business that focuses on inventory management and operational efficiency in hospital pharmacies.   My (now) wife needed to move to Atlanta for her career and I followed her here.  I was excited to find a match like Patientco where I was able to bolster my experience in healthcare while also helping the organization grow and mature its product development process.

How did you manage to find Patientco?  I applied to an online job posting.  I was looking for a Healthcare IT company in Atlanta and Patientco was my second interview.  When I moved here I dIdn’t know anything about the town and the neighborhoods.  I didn’t realize how thriving the tech scene is in Atlanta.  It is pretty cool that there is such a vibrant startup scene, including all the ones we work amongst here in Buckhead.  

What is something super interesting you are working on right now?  Bringing a new analytics product to market for our clients.   There are a ton of insights in our system that have yet to be discovered.  At Patientco, we are developing new capabilities that allow our clients to run their business better and focus more on patients instead of payments.  Our team is always thinking about how to bring them helpful information that they haven’t thought about yet.  In addition, we are thinking about how they access that information; traditional cloud-based platforms will soon be augmented by emerging technologies like Amazon’s Alexa ecosystem, where a new business platform was recently introduced…  

What do you enjoy about being a Product Manager at Patientco?  Getting exposure to a lot of areas of the business.  We work with Account Management to understand our customer pain points and Sales and Marketing to test new ideas and then with Customer Operations to communicate with our customers.  We want our teams to be able to understand and communicate all the new things that we are doing.  We work closely with the Engineering team to design, build and execute on ideas.  We take a conversation and a loose idea and turn it into something that an end user is utilizing every day.  It takes interaction with every department to make that work, specially in a small company like this.

What’s one of the funniest things that’s happened to you at work?  Sean, my boss, and I were on the road visiting a client.  We got off our flight at 11pm and checked into a hotel in a small town.  We walk up to the front desk to check in and I found out I had made the reservation for the wrong day, and because this client is in a really small town where there are only three hotels, I was forced to pick between sleeping in the car or staying at a motel that quite frankly, reminded me of the opening scene of quite a few Halloween horror movies.    After checking the closet for serial killers and the mattress for bedbugs, I ended up getting a surprisingly decent night’s rest before heading off to meet our clients in the morning. It makes for a good business travel story and now I always double-check the dates (and location) before making a reservation!.

Now, the most important questions:

Dog or cat?     Dog

Coffee or Tea? Coffee

MAC or PC?    MAC

Congrats on your win, Jason! A great first year at Patientco and we are lucky to have you on our team.

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