Not your average “Get Well Soon!” card

Sean Joyce and Chris Church recently went to the sunny land of California for a Percona Live MySQL Conference.

Instead of enjoying “this spacious venue with complementary wifi, expert on-site staff and three great restaurants offering Tuscan cuisine, classic American or tantalizing Sushi” or enjoying “the Bay Area and a day in San Francisco,” (the conference promoter’s words, not mine), Sean came down with a bad case of food poisoning. (Probably from the “tantalizing Sushi.”)

While other companies might send a care package…we’re not that company. Instead, we decided to show Sean that everyone back home was really empathizing with his situation:


It's a food poisoning epidemic!

It’s a food poisoning epidemic!


In gratitude to his supporters back home, Sean gave us some words of wisdom that only come from deep, personal experience:

Skip the free convention center food.