Mile Markers and Merry Moments

The Patientco Way


By Jennifer Leach

No day at Patientco is typical.  We’re an organization always on the move.  

We’re innovating, iterating and improving.  Our clients and our employees deserve more than the status quo and that doesn’t happen by sitting still.

While everyone is hard at work solving the challenges of patient payments, life outside of Patientco’s walls is happening for our team.  As an organization, we are very aware of the amount of time our team dedicates to improving the lives of our providers and their patients.  In my role as Office Manager, I’m not directly involved with our product – building it or selling it – but I’m 1000% involved in supporting the teams that do.  The facet of my job that I cherish most is being able to recognize and celebrate life’s milestones and monumental moments for my team.

Here at Patientco we look for opportunities to exemplify one of my favorite values – Make it Memorable – and having the chance to acknowledge a life cycle event with a team member is definitely an opportunity to make it memorable.  Patientco makes every effort to recognize and celebrate (when appropriate) or offer our sympathy and support when required.

So what exactly do we do?  

Each month we celebrate our teams’ birthdays and anniversaries during our Free Food Friday on the second Friday of the month.  We look forward to singing Happy Birthday and eating (really good) cake with our colleagues.

That’s great but what else?  

Wedding wishes!  Before a Patientcoian gets hitched, we ask them to invite the groom or bride-to-be to join us for a Free Food Friday meal and we extend our wedding wishes.  The bride or groom and their intended are honored by their manager or team lead with a champagne toast, a tasty cake (which is a great way to perfect their cake cutting skills) and a wedding gift from their registry.

From marriage to baby carriage.  Not only does Patientco offer a standard 16 weeks parental leave but when a Patientcoian is expecting their first child we like to celebrate with an office shower. This is very similar to a shower thrown by friends and family, except we don’t measure anyone’s belly and we won’t make an expectant mom wear a silly hat made of bows.  We will play some sort of shower game – whether it’s Price is Right, Beer Belly or Baby Bump or a rousing round of Guess Who? This is Patientco after all, and we are Driven to Win.

About a month after the precious bundle arrives, in an effort to lighten the load for a new mom and dad we send a night nurse.  KIDDING – but we will send over meals.  We figure the grandparents start leaving about three weeks in and that’s when it all gets real, so if we can make a few nights a little less chaotic by not having to cook dinner, then we’re happy to do it.  

We also know it doesn’t get much easier after the first baby, so we’ll make sure we send gifts and meals each time a Patientcoian has a subsequent child.  As a Patientcoian’s family grows, our Patientco family grows and we delight in making sure our family is well taken care of.

There are other times when all you need is a bit of comfort.  We hope that by sending flowers, meals or donating to a memorial fund for a lost loved one, the Patientcoian in mourning knows that we are thinking about them and their family and sending them our kindest thoughts.  

No event is the same but we make every effort to acknowledge that life events happen and we pay each one the respect it deserves.  My goal is to remind our team in their most important moments that they are so very valued and appreciated by Patientco. At the end of the day, Patientco works very hard to Give Back to our team.