Meet Patientco’s Interns and Co-Ops

By Sara Seckinger

Over the course of the past few weeks, we have been meeting our Summer Interns and Co-ops.  If your main takeaway is “Wow! Those interns are so interesting; I just wish I knew more about them than two truths and a lie,” then you’re in luck. If you are just now learning that Patientco has interns and co-ops galore, then you’re also in luck. Here’s everything you didn’t know you wanted to know about Patientco’s team of remote interns and co-ops.

Who are they? 

David Heineman, Data Platform Co-Op and student at Georgia Tech from Marietta, Georgia

Matthew Landis, Security Co-op and student at Georgia Tech from Milton, Georgia

Jonah Holcomb, Design Intern and student at Kennesaw State University from Atlanta, Georgia

Sara Seckinger, CEO Intern and student at Vanderbilt University from Smyrna, Georgia

Lih-Sia Byam, Digital Marketing Intern and Georgia Tech graduate from Rockville, Maryland


What does a typical morning look like?

David: I usually get started a little before 9 when I review what I’ve done the day before and what I want to accomplish during the day. Then I have a 9:30 standup every morning where I talk about my goals and plans for the day.

Matthew: Normally a few minutes before 9:30, I start my day with a team meeting and then get into my work. If there is anything left over from the day before, I’ll log on a bit earlier and get that wrapped up.

Jonah: I usually wake up around 7:00 AM and go for a run down by the river near my apartment. After I get back, I will typically make some coffee and log into my email around 8:45AM and get ready for the work day.

Sara: I usually get to the office around 8:30 and start my day by catching up on emails/slack messages (and making another cup of coffee) before meeting with Bird to get the day’s top priorities. 

Lih-Sia: I wake up around 7 to work out and walk my dog in the mornings before getting ready for work and logging on between 8:30 and 9:00. 


What helps your workflow during the day?

David: Old Nintendo songs are the best focus music.

Matthew: When problem solving or troubleshooting a big issue, I remove all distractions. But when I know what I’m doing and just have to execute, I like to throw on some music.

Jonah: I start my morning with some lofi music. After lunch, when I am more awake, I will listen to podcasts such as Joe Rogan, 10% Happier with Dan Harris, or watch some of my favorite graphic design youtubers.

Sara: Depending on what I’m working on, I’ll listen to anything from my current Spotify Daily Mix to podcasts and audiobooks, but sometimes it’s nice to not have any distractions. 

Lih-Sia: I usually listen to music or a podcast while I work.  My go-to podcast is Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard, and I’ve i’m listening to music it’s usually 90s pop and broadway soundtracks


Do you prefer slack or email?

David: Slack, hands down

Matthew: Slack, 100% because it makes everything quicker and easier.

Jonah: I prefer slack in terms of communication within my direct Marketing team because it’s fast and less formal; however, when it comes to sending files, images, or videos I have to use my email. 

Sara: Slack, always

Lih-Sia: Slack


What is your go-to emoji or slack reaction?







What is your favorite part of the remote work day?

David: I can’t speak to anything specific, but my favorite part of Patientco in general is being able to work on a really machine learning project and write code that’s actually having an impact on making the product better.

Matthew: Cooking meals/access to the kitchen. It is so much nicer to be able to take a break in the middle of the day and make myself whatever, rather than taking the time to prep something in the morning.

Jonah: My favorite part of a remote work day is my morking stand-up with the Marketing team. It is always nice to see everyone in the morning and get an idea of what everyone is working on that day. It is also a good time to just chat and catch up with everyone, which helps everyone still feel connected.

Sara: My favorite part of the day is coming into the office every morning and getting to interact with people face to face. It’s nice to be able to ask questions about projects in person instead of sending a bunch of slack messages. 

Lih-Sia: I like getting a chance to connect with the rest of the marketing team during our morning stand-up, and I love being able to turn on the tv and watch an episode of a show at lunch.


What still makes you still feel like a part of a team or bigger organization?

David: Patientco does “coffee-and-a-crew” meetups where I get to talk to people I wouldn’t normally interact with and that was a good way to introduce myself and talk with people I would likely never be able to talk to.

Matthew: The all-hands Monday meetings help me briefly interact with people outside of my team. But even more than that, I feel like the small things you learn about your coworkers, like their hobbies and lives outside of the office is what makes me really appreciate the fact, I am part of a larger, complete team. 

Jonah: I would say this question relates alot to my last answer! Internal meetings and check-ins with members of my direct team always help grow the feeling of working within a team. Another great thing is that during onboarding, you get to meet with employees from all across the company. This allows you to realize how crucial your role is to the bigger picture.

Sara: The Monday morning meetings do a great job bringing everyone together and have fun trivia while everyone joins! I also get to work on a bunch of different projects at once, so I meet a lot of new people on different teams along the way. 

Lih-Sia: Keeping up with the different conversations on the general slack channel.


Is there a gadget/tool, other than technology, that you use while you work?

David: I can’t say I have any gadget toys.

Matthew: A pile of tiny sticky notes. They are super convenient to jot down ideas for whatever you’re working on or to list out what is on your to-do list. I know I could just type them up just as easily, but the physicality is just nice sometimes.

Jonah: Yes! I use a foam roller during lunch to stretch out my legs and body. Working remotely has so many benefits; however, there is a lot of sitting involved. This foam roller allows me to get up and make sure I am still stretching. Oh, also incense! Incense is a must for me while I work. They help me get in the zone.

Sara: A notebook for my daily to do list and meeting notes (and the office coffee maker)

Lih-Sia: Alexa


Any tips for future remote or non-remote interns/co-ops?

David: Create a consistent routine for yourself. This lets me set aside time for friends and hobbies during the week.

Matthew: I would say that the best thing that I did was I really get to know the people who I share responsibilities with. The sense of connection that this creates helps you keep grounded and reminds you of all these amazingly talented individuals working alongside you. Next time you are struggling with a project, you know that these people have your back.

Jonah: If I had tips for future interns, it would be to not underestimate the value you bring to the table. Try your best to approach each task with a positive mindset and be willing to fail in order to grow. If you stay open to learning with a positive attitude, everything else falls into place.

Sara: Get to know your fellow interns/co-ops! It’s been really cool to see how much I have in common with everyone else because of how similar our jobs and interests are.