Man Overboard!

We took our third annual whitewater rafting trip this summer. It was a beautiful day along the banks of the Chattooga River. The Chatooga is a wild and scenic river, meaning that it’s free-flowing and protected, giving us unadulterated views of Georgia and South Carolina. It also gave us “River Guide Bird,” as Bird morphed back into his camp-counselor raft-guiding persona of his youth.

The first part of Section III is pretty calm. Everyone was soaking up the sun with smiles abound.


But then…dum dum dum…BULL SLUICE! The class IV rapid awaits!



After getting a little more in-water time than originally expected, everyone made it through the famed Bull Sluice rapid. Some people (cough*Bird & Kurt*cough) need a little more practice before attempting a Class IV next year, but Patientco will be ready and waiting for next summer’s rafting adventures!

*No Patientcoians were injured in the making of this blog post.