Making it Memorable by Giving Back

Jennifer Leach, Patientco’s office manager, explains her perspective on Giving Back, a core value, here at Patientco. It happens to be one of her favorite parts of this organization and she is instrumental in giving Patientcoians opportunities to give back throughout the year. Jennifer is very committed to helping our neighbors and explains how heartwarming it is to see the each team member take part in helping others.

What are some examples of how Patientco gives back?

We do a minimum of three community service projects annually, these include: one on MLK day, one mid-summer, and one during the last quarter called Hands on Atlanta. In November, we do a food drive, and in December we do an Angel Tree. We also donate to Watsi, a non-profit healthcare organization which helps fund surgeries for people in developing nations. We begin to ask for these donations a couple days before the Holiday Party. In this way, we end our year giving back. These are our big projects that we do, but there are also many others that we do throughout the year.

How do you see giving back being highlighted day-to-day in our company?

We try to live out our core values – the thought is to always to be a good citizen and neighbor. We are always looking for ways to give back. Everyone is constantly scanning the horizon to see how we can make a difference because our team members are attuned to being good citizens. We make an effort to be helpful and charitable in our community and neighboring community by aligning our service projects with our business.

What has been your favorite experience giving back at Patientco?

Giving back is important, always. Giving back is a core Patientco value because it is important in life and in business. It is great to see how selfless people are, taking time out of their day to make days better for those in need. It is hard to pick a specific experience because every project ends up being my favorite once I see people coming to these events even though their schedules are busy.

What makes giving back unique at Patientco?

It is unique that we align our projects with the business. Many projects we do connect with what we do everyday in at Patientco. For instance, we have done work with Medshare, which sends surplus medical supplies to developing countries. Without Medshare, these medical supplies would go unused. However, with the help of Medshare, we are able to help contribute to improving the lives of those in developing countries.

How do you see a correlation between Make it Memorable and Giving back?

Every opportunity for giving back is an opportunity for making it memorable. We say that we have a work hard, play hard mentality. With this type of outlook, we are competitive and want to complete the work that is out there. We want to do the most and make sure we are making a real impact. Each team member and the organization as a whole comes away with a feeling of what we’ve accomplished, even if it’s completed in the short amount of time we’ve given.

We will be participating in another service project this fall!