Make It Memorable Brought to Life

By Josh Byrd

Here at Patientco we believe in living our Core Values. As such, last week we planned a little impromptu surprise to illustrate a simple way to Make it Memorable.

As a bit of background: Every month our CEO, Bird, sends out a blog to the entire team about one of our core values explaining why it is important and how to embrace it in our daily work at Patientco. For the month of May, the highlighted core value was “Make it Memorable” – so when Bird asked me to help him prepare the email to send to the company, it struck us that sending an email, alongside the tons of email we all get all day, wasn’t exactly memorable. That just didn’t seem right. So we cooked up a little plan with less than 24 hours to execute. A bit spontaneous, but hey, that’s how we roll at Patientco!

The very next morning as everyone disembarked from the elevators, they were met with a big table in the middle of the entryway complete with breakfast treats of every kind from Starbucks, balloons, and Bird’s blog printed up newspaper style. In case that wasn’t enough, as Patientcoians made their way to their workstations, they were greeted with a Starbucks cup on their desk with a giftcard and copy of the blog.

While the reactions were great across the board, the best probably came from one of our co-ops that had just started the day before remarking “Is this for real? This place is awesome!” I assure you, though it was a small gesture, he’ll remember it.

Creating a memorable experience matters. It matters to our teammates, it matters to our partners, and most of all it matters to our clients. So when we get a chance to be a bit spontaneous and surprise our team ‘just because” – we jump at the chance to make it memorable.