LAMP Stacks and LAMP Camp

Patientco is largely a PHP and MySQL shop – including our backend systems. We run on a LAMP stack since our high performance web solution requires us to develop and deploy on a solid and reliable foundation.

Continuing education is a huge priority and we encourage our entire development team to constantly hone their PHP skills and expand their general technical knowledge. In our work, we come across a number of great resources for our developers and the larger community – one of which is LAMP Camp. We encourage you to check them out!


In their own words:
LAMP Camp is a free, cutting-edge developer education program in Atlanta designed to turn coders into developers through real-world experience while learning how to build enterprise applications using PHP, MySQL, Microsoft Cloud, and more. Throughout twelve weeks of hands-on experiential learning in a collaborative environment, campers will understand more than just syntax; they’ll learn to solve business challenges and build applications using the LAMP (LINUX, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack framework to prepare them for long and lucrative careers. Campers who demonstrate leadership aptitude will have the opportunity to be team leads and flex the supervisory muscles that employers and recruiters are seeking.

The activities and lessons of LAMP Camp are vast, but include five main sessions. PHP Basics has campers coding from their level from day one, and Databases ensures that you’re no stranger to MySQL. Campers learn complex joins, triggers and other advanced operations. Programming techniques that reduce redundancy, coding standards and application testing as well as debugging during and after deployment are all a part of the practical experience in which LAMP Camp is grounded.

While some basic coding experience is required to qualify for and succeed in LAMP Camp – this is not for pure beginners –knowledge of PHP or MySQL is unnecessary. LAMP Camp is the premier stepping-stone to turn a hobby or soft skill into a career in fields where opportunities abound and developers are coveted.

And here’s the most amazing part: there is no cost to LAMP Camp. That’s right. It’s free. That said, LAMP Camp is a highly competitive experience with limited spots and ongoing enrollment. Considering its location just outside the Perimeter of Atlanta, there is no better way to launch a career as a developer.