How I spent my summer vacation.

It’s back to school time. Which also means that it’s back to blog time.

We’ve been busy. And not-so-busy. In between accomplishing a lot of great stuff, we’ve been trying to do a little relaxing too. Some summer-time living, if you would.


So now it’s time to catch you up on things!

The biggest change is…(drumroll please)…we have a new office!

That’s right, we’re in a whole new space. Same building, technically, but we’re moving up in the world. (Moving from the 5th floor to the 6th floor is moving up, right?) We now have over 26,000 square feet of awesome space to grow into, which is good, because we’ll probably be adding 75-100 employees in the next 18 months.

Don’t worry, we’ll update you with some new pictures soon. We’re still settling in, after all. In the meantime, enjoy the preview picture of our new space above.

What else have we been up to?

  • The Product and Development teams rebuilt our PatientWalletSM from the ground up to give patients an easier way to pay their healthcare bills any time, anywhere, from any device.


  • The Marketing and Sales team have been preaching the good Patientco word around the country at various trade shows and events. From HiMSS Annual Conference in Chicago to HFMA events in Georgia/Massachusetts/Maryland/Kentucky/everywhere to VGM Heartland in Iowa, they’ve racked up the frequent flyer miles this year. And who can forget HFMA ANI in Vegas? The team rocked the trade show floor and pulled out all the stops with an epic margarita party.


  • The Customer Experience Group has been hard at work activating our new clients and making sure all of our clients and patients are feeling the Patientco love. They’ve also been active educators, hosting a webinar for current clients and training over 200 people on new Patientco functionality.



So, there it is folks. Even though we’ve spent a good portion of the summer kicking butt and taking names, we were able to kick back a litte. We hope you were too!

Here’s to fun, productive, relaxing summers.