From Then to Now – A Day in the Life.

Tristan Carpon, a software engineer who primarily plans and scopes work for the CSI team as well as POC work for scaling improvements, is one of the few who have been at Patientco since the very early days of the company. In fact, Tristan was Patientco’s sixth employee!

After graduating from Florida State University in 2011 with a degree in Computer Science, Tristan looked toward Atlanta for a job in the tech industry. He was interested in working at a place where he would be able to make an impact with his ideas. After interviewing with different companies, he came across Patientco and knew it was the perfect fit! As of a week ago, Tristan celebrated his 6 year anniversary at Patientco.

When Tristan started, all of the Patientco employees could fit into a single booth at a restaurant. Now, Patientco has just  under 100 employees, who together would fill a restaurant, at least a small one.

At that time, Patientco was located in its “second office” in an open space at Georgia Tech’s ATDC (the first office being in a friend’s attic space!). ATDC stands for The Advanced Technology Development Center, and it is a technology incubator that helps grow startups. Tristan explained that the ATDC office was the size of a conference room. This small room had a cubby space at the back nicknamed the Bat Cave.

Tristan says, “we grew, but we never really changed – people hold the same ideals they always have.” In the beginning, Tristan and two others had a list of tasks to complete and they worked as a team to cross off tasks with the highest importance. “Our growth was cellular, so as we matured, we were able to give different responsibilities to different people and allow people to choose problems to fix.”

Tristan’s responsibilities at Patientco changed as the company as changed. Tristan worked on almost all on the application at first, but now he focuses on data ingest, statement building, and email communications.

Tristan really enjoys being able to problem solve throughout his time at Patientco. “People are interested in solving problems instead of only focusing on being right.” The Patientco team is open to new ideas and contributions in order to solve a problem. Patientco has kept Tristan engaged throughout the past 6 years by making sure he is solving problems and making an impact.  

“I believe in the product and the people. I have put a lot of energy into Patientco, and would like to see it succeed because it can do a lot of good. There are a lot of similarities between what I saw 6 years ago and what remains today at Patientco. For instance: the culture, the people, the motivation, opportunities involving parts like co-ops who began working here in 2013, and company outings.”