Everything revolves around values

Be driven to win, Embrace Responsibility, and Improve Each and Everyday:

As soon as you step into the Patientco office, the importance we place on our seven core values is evident. The list of the values are displayed on the wall directly opposite of the elevators so they are the first thing you see as you step off of the elevator. Our core values are actually displayed throughout our office, but more importantly, they are displayed in our work.

The first of our seven core values is, Be Driven to Win. An important characteristic of each Patientcoian is the individual’s desire to achieve success. In order to achieve success, it’s important to have a place where you feel comfortable, connected, and recognized. Patientco provides this type of environment to all of its team members. The culture here is very unique in that Patientco fosters an environment where you are encouraged to do well through the endless support of your peers. For instance, we are currently in the process of performing peer reviews. Through this process, we are able to see where we are excelling and where we have room to improve both individually and how we work together. We believe this support is the key to inspiring everyone to do your best through all aspects of your work.

Another one of our core values, Embrace Responsibility, connects to Be Driven to Win because an important part of embracing responsibility is self-motivation. Self-motivation not only drives us to do our work, but it drives us to do our work to the best of our ability. Self-motivation is an important quality of each employee because with limited oversight, and extended independence, individuals must have this ability to perform well. Our COO, Mike Hersh, often reminds us that each person is the “process owner” of their own work. It is each employee’s responsibility to do their work, but they are not expected to show every step to their manager along the way. We trust our team to do their job well. Work is more enjoyable when there is more independence for employees. By using time management as an advantage, employees feel freedom to work in a way that best suits them, while also meeting the expectations of their managers and the organization.

We constantly measure ourselves against our  core value, Be Driven to Win. We not only measure our accomplishments, but we also measure the  improvements from previous years. By producing better results consistently over time, we connect to  our next core value, Improve Each and Everyday. Each Monday morning we set goals for the upcoming week and “pass the football” to someone who, in the previous week, went above and beyond what is expected. This simple step of recognition helps to encourage each employee to produce their best work for the upcoming week. Each core value plays a critical part and tie together in our work each day by pushing us to be competitive, responsible and constantly improving just to name a few.