Drones and ‘In the Zone’…Make it Memorable

By Cailey Rykman

I heard a whirring noise and looked up to see a small drone buzzing around Daniel, one of Patientco’s software engineers. Daniel was heads down and “in the zone” (in Patientco speak). He didn’t notice the drone flying above, then below him. Chris Church (Patientco’s Director of Systems Engineering and Architecture…and Daniel’s boss) was expertly navigating the drone under Daniel’s desk, bumping his leg repeatedly to get Daniel’s attention.

After a few bumps, Daniel finally noticed this robotic version of a pesky fly buzzing around. He took off his headphones and looked up as a hysterically-laughing Chris revealed the reason for the drone attack: “We were trying to get your attention for stand-up!”

It’s a little moment, but it shows a key part of culture at Patientco. One of our Core Values is “Make It Memorable.” Memorable things don’t have to be audacious. Small moments are often the most meaningful.

We take what we do seriously, but that doesn’t mean that we have to take ourselves seriously. At Patientco, we foster a workplace culture that includes a healthy dose of humor and levity. Whether that involves playing an epic months-long prank or a simple drone flying around, it’s important to take time out of the “work grind” to enjoy some comic relief.