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Engi­neers build things that solve prob­lems. And health­care today is a prob­lem.

Healthcare Today

Patientco is work­ing to sim­plify the com­plex world of health­care, and we need engi­neers to do that. We invest in our engi­neer­ing team. Founded by a pair of Geor­gia Tech engi­neers, we under­stand the needs of our engi­neers and have built the com­pany around them. Patientco is, at our core, a soft­ware com­pany that under­stands tech­nol­ogy, focuses on build­ing a sin­gle pro­duct, and allows our engi­neers to have vari­ety and impact in their work.


The Co-op Pro­gram

We offer a robust soft­ware engi­neer­ing co-op pro­gram through Geor­gia Tech. From day one, co-ops are embed­ded directly into the devel­op­ment team and are con­sid­ered full-fledged mem­bers of the engi­neer­ing team. You’ll be chal­lenged, and at times it will be hard. Like all of our engi­neers, we will ask a lot of you — but every step of the way you will be sup­ported. You’ll learn from the best. And we promised — you’ll have fun doing it!

Development Life

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Improve Each and Every Day

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Every day, I’m offered a tremendous amount of ownership over the work I’m doing while never feeling in over my…

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Over the years, we’ve adapted the best parts of agile that work for us and left the rest. We now run two fla­vors of agile – Scrum and Kan­ban. Teams pick the option that best suit their needs, but across teams we believe that all projects – no mat­ter how big – can be bro­ken down into small pieces and worked on iter­a­tively. Ticketing work keeps us accountable about scope changes and ensures vis­i­bil­ity into the pro­gress of each piece of a project. Nobody likes code that just sits as a work-in-progress, so we deploy frequently. Our code runs through auto­mated testing as well as user testing.


Life is full of important things outside of the office! Patientco has designed our work environment to ensure the sanc­tity of your time. We have optimized our office lay­out, min­i­miz­ing meet­ings for developers, and des­ig­nat­ing an “on call” engi­neer to pre­vent unnec­es­sary inter­rup­tions. We promote cross-team collaboration and believe that people working side-by-side achieves the best results. While we do not have an official remote-work policy, we are very flexible in accommodating our engineers’ needs. We want to build something fantastic together!


We invest in code from the begin­ning. 100% of our code goes through a peer code review process. The Patientco engineering team also has deep-dive reviews of features or services where teams gather to show off what they’ve built and give and receive feedback on their code. Finally, we have a security review framework to review code and validate that it doesn’t violate secure design principles such as the OWASP top ten or the SANS 25. This ensures we’re secure and compliant.


Tests shouldn’t be a sep­a­rate ticket or process — it’s a step in the core ticket. Since we han­dle healthcare and pay­ments data, our code needs to be right. We have an exten­sive suite of automated unit tests (PHPunit), inte­gra­tion tests and front-end tests. We’re not strictly test dri­ven, nor do we think 100% code cov­er­age is the right strat­egy – it’s about being smart and bal­anced. Through it all, we work together to ensure that we test features before we deploy.


At Patientco we believe in improving each and every day, so every week teams gather for ret­ro­spec­tive meet­ings. We will discuss everything that went well and things that we as a team can improve upon. You’ll have a voice, every week. We have blameless post-mortems for when issues arise in our code, infrastructure or process. We discuss what went wrong, why it went wrong and how we can improve our processes to prevent the same thing from happening again. For us, it’s important to remember that it’s not our people that break things, it’s our processes that allowed something to be broken.


Being a growing company allows a greater variety of work for our developers. We don’t silo people into a particular project or type of development. The work bal­ance is split across pro­duct enhance­ments, new services, and support/maintenance. One week you’ll be adding in new features to one of our applications and the next week you could be working on a high-avail­abil­ity, robust trans­ac­tion engine. We’re solv­ing new chal­lenges every day to make our pro­duct bet­ter for health systems and patients because they deserve better than the status quo.


Patientco has a diverse application stack. Whether it’s built with Javascript (Angular and Vue), PHP, Ruby or Go, we allow our developers to use a variety of languages that best fit the application. We believe different tools are right for different types of jobs while also creating a standard, fully automated CI/CD ecosystem and library of tools so it’s easy for developers to ship powerful applications, quickly and safely. Use of industry standard, open source tools allow for easy integration and onboarding of new engineers.


We use Kubernetes container orchestration technology to provide the most reliable infrastructure and developer experience possible. We’ve built upon services from multiple cloud providers to create a secure, compliant environment while enabling fast, safe deployments and integrations. With applications and systems deployed across availability zones and regions, we make it easy for developers to build reliable experiences, at scale.

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