Making it Memorable by Giving Back

Jennifer Leach, Patientco’s office manager, explains her perspective on Giving Back, a core value, here at Patientco. It happens to be one of her favorite parts of this organization and she is instrumental in giving Patientcoians opportunities to give back throughout the year. Jennifer is very committed to helping our neighbors and explains how heartwarming...
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Advice to Newcomers

Hardware Operations Intern Karina Clark says her favorite part of Patientco is its people. Karina says there is “a very collaborative culture” at Patientco. Karina describes friendliness as a key attribute of the employees at Patientco. People genuinely enjoy each others company, and it shows (especially if you walk into the kitchen during lunch time)....
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Tres Commas Celebration

On Thursday, June 28, we celebrated a Patientco milestone  - we reached one billion dollars in payments processed! With this huge achievement, we wanted to make it memorable, as Patientco always does. To celebrate our one billion dollars processed, we threw a Tres Commas party!    via GIPHY You’re probably wondering what  Tres Commas means…...
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