Be Positive. Be Present. Be Patient(co)!

By Felicia Hoyt

Within the Operations Department at Patientco, we believe that it is not just our job, but rather our privilege to be the point-of-contact for all user questions and issues. Whether we are answering messages from patients through email, guiding our providers through the solution over the phone, or working with vendors to associate checks and correspondence, we aim to provide a seamless experience for our patients and providers in all areas. We are the guys (and gals!) on the front line, working to form on-going, responsive relationships that positively impact the patient financial experience in healthcare.

However, being the facilitator between patients and providers is not always easy. There are times when issues escalate out of our control and we may need to do some additional investigating to resolve a problem. We work with individuals who are frustrated, angry and more than likely willing to tell you more than you need to hear. Nevertheless, no matter how disconcerting some issues may seem, it is within our Patientcoian code to always reflect the three P’s when interacting with our users: “Be Positive. Be Present. Be Patient.”

Be Positive

At Patientco, we always aim to make every user experience a memorable one. We work not only to solve the problem, but to give back and communicate in an efficient, friendly manner. Our goal is to leave you feeling better than you did before. We possess a genuine desire to assist you and we understand that our tone and attitude can have a significant impact on your experience. That is why we hustle to give you the best one.

Be Present

Actively listening and paying attention to all details within the patient’s concern is our biggest assurance to the patient that we are sincere in assisting him or her with a problem.  We remain focused in the moment to resolve every user issue as soon as possible. We work to be attentive, relatable and empathetic to patient needs. We are humans just like you, we understand life happens! You lost your bill? No worries, that happens to the best of us! You need to apply for financial assistance? No problem, we understand times can be hard. You don’t know how to access our site? We got your back! Will you stay on the phone with us as we help walk you through it?

Be Patient(co)!

At the end of the day, our team truly puts the word patient in Patientco. In conjunction with our class-leading infrastructure, we offer a superior customer experience by guiding you every step of the way, no matter how long that process might take. What sets our customer service team apart from the status quo is the drive to take the time to make our users feel great. We don’t do this just because it is a job within our position, but because valuing patience and goodness is within our Patientcoian code.  

In conclusion, if a user is looking for an average experience, you won’t find it with us. Our ultimate goal is to make lasting, memorable experiences for all our users.  Whether you are contacting us with a question or an issue, we will always remember to improve each day by recalling our 3 P’s: Be Positive. Be Present. Be Patient(co)!