Art of a Launch

At Patientco, two of our core values are “Improve each and every day” and “Give Back.”  In the spirit of both of those values, our very own Chris Church recently presented a Tech Talk at the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) on “The Art of a Launch.”

What in the world is that all about, you ask?

Great question! But first things first, who is Chris Church?  Chris is a tenured Patientcoian who has been a critical part of our Engineering team for almost 3 years.  He heads up software architecture.  Prior to joining Patientco, Chris, in his words “spearheaded efforts to modernize a suite of accounting products for investor-owned utilities, with clients including Fortune 100 companies. I also co-founded a biomedical startup specializing in high-speed simulations and data analysis.” Whew, that’s a mouthful but also kind of awesome.  Needless to say, this isn’t his first time around the startup block and he has learned some big lessons along the way that we can all learn from.

Now on to what is this Tech Talk about?  At startups, you launch things… lots of things… all the time. So how do you get it right?

Launch(v) can be defined as “to start or set in motion an activity or enterprise.”  At the Georgia Tech’s ATDC everyone is focused on technology launches, so where better for Chris to share his experience?

Talking with a crowd of about 30 people, Chris first walked through the history of Patientco.  This wasn’t just a story of “this is what we did” but rather, a guided tour of the way that the technology choices you make along the way are critical for launching, learning, and growing a business.  What could everyone in the room learn from decisions others had made?

We are hoping Chris has the opportunity again within the next 12 months to share this knowledge, so we don’t want to spoil all the outcomes.  In case that doesn’t happen, “The Art of a Launch” brings in the philosophy of a Lean Start Up (like this).  Here are some key points that came to life during the talk:

  • Pick the right problem to focus on.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Production is where you get real feedback. This is where you really learn.
  • Every deployment is a launch and every launch is an experiment. Keep a tight feedback loop.
  • Real growth happens through constant iteration, bug fixes, and new functionality.

At the core of all start-ups, and the technology choices they make, is balancing time (current and future) with the decisions being made.  Are your decisions now making it easier for you to iterate in the future once you begin to learn?  How are you architecting so that you can easily make changes and pivot quickly?  Are you focused on your real problem?

Chris uses this knowledge and framework to help Patientco get better each and every day and we are better for it!  We hope that you will join us for our next Tech Talk at the ATDC! Be sure to sign up for email updates below for details of upcoming events.

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