Advice to Newcomers

Hardware Operations Intern Karina Clark says her favorite part of Patientco is its people. Karina says there is “a very collaborative culture” at Patientco. Karina describes friendliness as a key attribute of the employees at Patientco. People genuinely enjoy each others company, and it shows (especially if you walk into the kitchen during lunch time).

Karina related the attribute of friendliness to one of our core values: Openly Trust Each Other. She says, “trust helps to improve a collaborative culture and is necessary to further relationships.” This trust also allows Patientcoians to feel comfortable asking questions of each other, helping everyone learn and become more productive. At Patientco, we want what’s best for each other and the organization, so no one judges another’s question. In fact, Karina’s manager, Marilyn, gave her the advice to ask questions if she ever felt confused. Karina added that Patientco employees are comfortable admitting their mistakes and asking for help, if needed.

Karina said her best advice for newcomers is to talk to other Patientcoians and ask a lot of questions. She explained that it is important to learn as much as you can about the company and your specific department in order to get the most out of your experience.

Patientco helps employees learn about the company by holding learning lunches. Learning lunches are offered to the co-ops and interns in order to help them learn about different parts of the company and understand how each department works together to run the organization. These learning lunches often include an overview of the department and advice from each of the major leaders at Patientco. By attending these learning lunches, the co-ops and interns are able to learn, not only about the company, but several life lessons as well.

After spending her summer at Patientco and experiencing different aspects of the business, Karina has some words of encouragement. She says, “don’t be afraid to get in there. You were hired for a reason, and your opinion is valid.”


Karina Clark