Get your skills on! Alexa Skill Competition

Patientco is announcing an Alexa skill competition for University Students! Think of a useful, amazing, or cool idea and build an skill to showcase YOUR skills. Impressive, hilarious, and Rube-Goldberian entries are all welcome. Winners will receive a $250 gift certificate to Amazon. Alexa skills are simple to write and can interact with virtually any...
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Drones and ‘In the Zone’…Make it Memorable

By Cailey Rykman I heard a whirring noise and looked up to see a small drone buzzing around Daniel, one of Patientco’s software engineers. Daniel was heads down and “in the zone” (in Patientco speak). He didn’t notice the drone flying above, then below him. Chris Church (Patientco’s Director of Systems Engineering and Architecture…and Daniel’s...
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